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Subdivision Planning

West Consultants is experienced in subdivision planning and can assist in every aspect of the process. From the initial conceptual lot layout to surveying and from street and utilities design to construction-phase administration, West Consultants has the engineering, surveying and support staff for complete subdivision planning.

Two major elements of land development are the water and wastewater systems. West Consultants helps clients select the most practical and cost-effective way to provide water and sewer services for subdivisions and land development.

Subdivisions routinely require many permits and documents to comply with local development ordinances including preliminary plan and final plat approval, NCDOT street connection and extension permits, storm water management plan approval, erosion control plan approval, US Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit and Division of Water Quality 401 certifications (for stream impacts), and others. West Consultants is experienced in navigating the planning stages with proper permitting and ordinance compliance.

Having served western North Carolina for decades, West Consultants knows the typography of the land and the typography of the land planning government agencies.